About Me

I don’t remember life before computers.

I was fortunate enough to have access to technology my entire life. My parents owned and ran a publishing company out of our house until I was 16 (at which point the business outgrew the house). I had an AOL account, learned to create a website in Dreamweaver, formatted my first resume with InDesign, and helped start a video production class in my high school. 

(Seriously though, here I am playing with an Apple II…) 

In addition to the access this privilege afforded me, it helped foster an entrepreneurial spirit and fascination with media’s ability to influence the masses. I pursued my interest academically and hold a B.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara, with a double major in Communication and Film & Media.

I first entered the world of digital marketing in 2008 as the Development and Marketing Associate for the nonprofit, Education Through Music-Bay Area (ETM-Bay Area). I worked directly with our Executive Director to market our programs, build community, raise funds, and implement music education programs in economically disadvantaged schools.

Following my work with ETM-Bay Area, I moved to Argentina to work as a freelance content developer while working remotely. During that period, I worked with Artifact Productions and Art Gimbel to create travel mobile apps – including a guide to festivals worldwide, which was later acquired by Fest300.com which Gimbel (seen below with Charles Bradley while covering FYF Fest).

I have traveled to over 40 countries and 30 states, mountain-biked down Bolivia’s “Death Road,” confronted three mountain lions while backpacking in the California wilderness, and played in the 2006 WFDF ultimate frisbee world championships.

In 2012, I joined CouponPal.com as their first writer while freelancing and became their sixth full-time employee a few months later. Like employees at most startups, I wore many hats. I managed SEO (both technical and tactical), paid search, and viral marketing campaigns while promoting top Internet retailers – including Hotels.com and HP.

I currently work as the Director of Growth  for Wickfire Internet Marketing – a performance marketing company driving affiliate sales at scale through paid search. I have overseen projects improving performance for mature channels through conversion rate optimization (CRO), as well as developed new channels.

I have experience targeting customers at every point in the funnel. And, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to promote some of the biggest brands online while cultivating my digital marketing skills in a competitive landscape.

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