What makes you happy? This simple question has received an increasing amount of attention over the past decade and the answer – including my own.

In fact, after watching the movie HappyI became moderately obsessed with the topic. I read blog articles and scientific studies. I started practicing mindfulness using a mindfulness app. And, I started thinking about ways I could improve my happiness, as well as those around me.



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In December of 2015, I was at a concert with a fellow techie friend and we decided that we wanted to use our skills to promote happiness. Later that month, we launched as a place for people to express gratitude. We invited friends to use the site, but it never reached a point where we actively promoted it. Over the course of 2016, a few people used it. But, primarily, it became an exercise in myself expressing gratitude.

Thinking back on the project and it’s shortcomings, I realized I wanted to do things differently in 2017. Namely – instead of passively waiting for people to take an action, I would actively inject happiness into their lives.

With that in mind – the idea of sending out monthly postcards was born. Who doesn’t love getting some mail?


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I’m grateful to start the New Year surrounded by people I love. To share my gratitude and encourage you to do the same, I have created I will be sharing my daily gratitude and encourage you to do the same.This is version 1.0. Please take a minute to share your gratitude and let me know what you think of the site.

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