About Me

I don’t remember life before computers.

I was fortunate enough to have access to technology my entire life. My parents owned and ran a publishing company out of our house until I was 16 (at which point the business outgrew the home-office). I had an AOL account, learned to create a website in Dreamweaver, formatted my first resume with InDesign, and helped start a video production class in my high school. 

(Seriously though, here I am playing with an Apple II…) 

This privilege helped foster an entrepreneurial spirit and fascination with media’s ability to influence the masses. I pursued my interest academically and hold a B.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara, with a double major in Communication and Film & Media.

Past Work

In 2008, I received my first professional experience in digital marketing. The nonprofit, Education Through Music-Bay Area (ETM-Bay Area) hired me as their Development and Marketing Associate. I reported directly to our Executive Director. My efforts increased community engagement, raised grant and individual donations, and put music education programs in economically disadvantaged schools.

Following my work with ETM-Bay Area, I moved to Argentina to work as a freelance content developer while working remotely. During that period, I worked with Artifact Productions and Art Gimbel to create travel mobile apps – including a guide to festivals worldwide, which was later acquired by Fest300.com which Gimbel (seen below with Charles Bradley while covering FYF Fest).

In 2012, I joined CouponPal.com, which provided me with my first opportunity to develop SEM and SEO skills. I provided ongoing analysis of our site’s technical SEO following the release of Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithm updates. I also ran targeted link-building campaigns that delivered top-of-page search rankings for highly competitive terms – including Norton antivirus and Hotels.com coupon related queries. These rankings, in addition to those for other branded coupon and discount terms, generated millions of new customers and earned our company a reputation for driving results within the industry.

Following my time at CouponPal, I worked as the Head of Marketing for venture-backed startup StudySoup, an online marketplace where students can buy-and-sell academic content including course notes, study guides, and tutoring services. The opportunity allowed me to work in a fast-paced, result-driven environment and collaborate with the 500 Distro accelerator program growth team.

My time at StudySoup taught me how to build processes that scale and deliver maximum return on effort. We optimized our email marketing funnel by implementing advanced email customer segmentation, split testing and personalized messaging, and A/B testing of our lead gen form user experience. I also audited the technical SEO of our site to identify high-value fixes. And, I instituted a scalable content marketing strategy with a focus on link-building and relationship-building.

Current Work

I currently work as the Director of Growth  for Wickfire Internet Marketing – a performance marketing company driving affiliate sales at scale through paid search using Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook networks. Our campaigns are evaluated for success based on our return on investment (ROI) measured as total profit after ad spend, and monetized entirely through affiliate commissions. This requires us to maximize scale and maintain profitability.

I also work closely with our business development, engineering, and operations teams. By actively communicating with each department I enhance our ability to scale outreach and strengthen relationships with partners, effectively run ongoing conversion rate optimization experiments, and systematize campaign management processes

I have experience targeting customers at every point in the funnel. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to promote some of the biggest brands online and cultivate my digital marketing skills in a competitive landscape.

Want to know more or have a project that could use a boost? Contact me to see how I can help.

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